We experience buildings in terms of their form,their structure,their aesthetics and how we and others use them . This constitues the reality of our physical experience,but buildings not only have an existence in reality,they also have a metaphorical existence.They express meaning and give certain messages,just as the way we dress of furnish our homes gives people certain messages about us.
The dramatic roof lines of Sydney Opera House have been described variuosley as looking like sea-shells and sails.Its phisical form ,in other words,also has a symbolic message which refers to the building's maritime position and to the sailing bouts in Sydney Harbour.
When Adolf Loos enterd the competition for a building to house to offices of
the chicago turbine newspaper,his design took the form of a column ,a pun on theidea of a newspaper column.
Buildings are central to our need for shelter and security,and they symbolise
aspects of these needs in their form.A house not only provides shelter and warmth,it also symbolises home on a very deep level.
A young English child drawing a house will characterise it very simply,with a pitched roof and maybe a door and windows.
In the north europian climate the roof evolved because this was the form that shed rain and snow most effectively. TO BE CONTINUOUS...

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